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Please remember that rent is due on the 1st of every month. Late fees will begin after the 3rd of every month. Always make your rent checks out fo Four Ags and wite your unit’s address on the memo line. Late rend can affect your entire unit’s deposit so make sure you are paying on time.



Trash pickup is twice a week. Tuesday is bulk trash pickup. This should be set out on the curb Monday night or early Tuesday morning. Bulk trash includes bags, boxes, and large items that do not fit in your green trash can. Please do not place your green trash can out on Tuesday.

Thursday pickup is for your green trash can. The can should be placed on the curb Wednesday night or early Thursday morning. Only your can should be placed on the curb for Thursday pickup. Once trash has been collected, your trash can should be placed at the side of the duplex, not by your front door.

You are responsible for following the instructions as listed above. The city of College Station will levy a fine against you if trash is left out on the wrong day, there is trash on your porch, or if your trash can is left by the curb after it has been emptied.

Maintenance Requests

If your request is an emergency (such as air conditioner issues, water leak, or extremely urgent issues) please call us immediately at (979) 229-4806.

If your request is not an emergency, please use our Maintenance Request Form or email us directly at Please list your address as well as your phone number and your roommates’ phone numbers where you can be reached.

1 Story - Living Area
1 Story - Private Back Yard



In order to have any animal, you must pay a $500 pet deposit per animal and have an animal consent form signed by all roommates. Both the deposit and the form need to be turned in before you can bring your animal to the duplex. THe maximum of animals per unit is one and the weight limit is 40lbs. If you possess an animal without the above documentation, the unit’s entire deposit will be forfeited and eviction will follow.



You have three spots in front or back of your unit. Guests should park on the street in front or in the ally in back. YOu can parallel park anywhere there is not a red curb. The fire lane is between the red curb on the east side of the street and the red stripe down the middle street. You can park between the red stripe and white curb. Make sure you park in the direction of traffic on the street or the city of College Station will levy a fine.


Renter’s Insurance

Renters insurance is not provided by Champions on Luther Street or Holleman Village so we strongly recommend you purchase your own renter’s insurance. It is usually very inexpensive and insures your property while you live in a rented home. You will need to contact your insurance provider to arrange coverage.

1 Story - Laundry
1 Story - Living Area

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